The Truth About Dairy

Dairy is such a controversial topic in the health and nutrition world. Some say avoid it entirely (we're the only mammals who drink another mammals breast milk long into adulthood, after all, right?), while others say drink ALL the milk (dairy is the only way we will get sufficient nutrients such as Vitamin D and [...]

Denver, CO

We spent the weekend in Denver attending my in-person workshop for my training to through the Nutritional Therapy Association to become an NTC (Nutritional Therapy Consultant). It was an exciting, growth-filled, exhausting, drinking-from-a-firehouse type of weekend, but I literally loved every second (except maybe the drive home). It was my first trip to Denver, and [...]

How to Fall in Love with Mornings

We're about a week into The Joy Project and so far it's been great. It hasn't been without its trials and difficulties, but we are definitely noticing huge differences in our lives, and changes for the better. More on that come September πŸ™‚ One thing that has made a HUGE difference in my life the [...]

Elimination Diet and Recipes

As I mentioned in my previous post,  my doctor put me on an Elimination Diet. The purpose is to heal my gut, because everything starts in the gut. Healthy gut = healthy everything else. So it's a great place to start for jumpstarting my fertility. I didn't magically get pregnant right away, but I do feel [...]

Paleo Gyros with Tzatziki Sauce

I'm currently on an elimination diet in an attempt to heal my gut, and ON this elimination diet I'm not supposed to eat beef or pork (and I basically always make something with chicken, beef, or there goes 2/3 of my recipes...haha). While I was grocery shopping last week I was browsing (because I [...]