Elimination Diet and Recipes

As I mentioned in my previous post,  my doctor put me on an Elimination Diet. The purpose is to heal my gut, because everything starts in the gut. Healthy gut = healthy everything else. So it's a great place to start for jumpstarting my fertility. I didn't magically get pregnant right away, but I do feel [...]

Paleo Gyros with Tzatziki Sauce

I'm currently on an elimination diet in an attempt to heal my gut, and ON this elimination diet I'm not supposed to eat beef or pork (and I basically always make something with chicken, beef, or pork....so there goes 2/3 of my recipes...haha). While I was grocery shopping last week I was browsing (because I [...]

Simple Snacks for the Whole Family

Simple Snacks for the Whole Family

It is almost SUMMER! Just a few days aways! That means busy days, filled with activities and sunshine. Having some super simple snacks on hand is definitely a good idea for this time of year! Ideally, we'd all be eating meals that keep us full from breakfast to lunch, lunch to dinner, but let's be [...]