Simple Snacks for the Whole Family

Simple Snacks for the Whole Family

It is almost SUMMER! Just a few days aways! That means busy days, filled with activities and sunshine. Having some super simple snacks on hand is definitely a good idea for this time of year! Ideally, we'd all be eating meals that keep us full from breakfast to lunch, lunch to dinner, but let's be [...]

5 Podcasts to Inspire You

Happy Monday, friends! Sometimes Mondays can be rough, am I right? Sundays are my favorite day as it's spent worshiping, resting and recuperating, and enjoying time with loved ones, so it can be hard to go to bed knowing there's another full week ahead of me! I'm sure I'm not alone in this. Something that [...]

Sugar Detox Update and A Little Encouragement

It's officially week 4 of my sugar detox. (Feel free to congratulate me, I feel I deserve it;). In addition to sugar detoxing, I've also been staying away from gluten. AND I started a new workout plan by Kayla Itsines called BBG, of which I'm on week 3 of 12. I stepped on the scale [...]