Oahu, Hawaii

We are in MAUI right now! So I thought it fitting that today I could share a post all about our LAST trip to Hawaii. My best friend made the absolute best decision ever and had a destination wedding in HAWAII. She got married on the naval base in Honolulu, and it was absolutely perfect [...]

6 Reasons You Might Not Be Losing Weight

Gosh, those unwanted extra pounds are the bane of so many women's existence, am I right?? This is probably the number one complaint amongst American women. Of course this isn't the problem EVERY woman is having, but it's undeniably common. There are a LOT of reasons this could be the case, as bio-individuality is a [...]

The Truth About Dairy

Dairy is such a controversial topic in the health and nutrition world. Some say avoid it entirely (we're the only mammals who drink another mammals breast milk long into adulthood, after all, right?), while others say drink ALL the milk (dairy is the only way we will get sufficient nutrients such as Vitamin D and [...]