About Me

Hi friends, I’m Adrienne!

Just for fun, here are a few things I love: My husband and dog, the beach and anything tropical (if that wasn’t obvious) Jesus, dark chocolate, listening to peoples’ stories, TJ Maxx, cows (I got it from my Mama), SUNSHINE, learning, Podcasts, traveling to new places, a great book, and all things health and wellness!

About Me HI

Thanks for being here! I’m just a Northern California girl in my late 20’s (how did I get in my late 20’s???) living in Utah Valley with my sweet hubby. We came for my husband to go to college and never thought we’d stay, but here we are! We bought the cutest little home that’s almost 100 years old and have loved making it our own. We wanted to start a family of our own, and that hasn’t happened the way we planned, so instead we adopted a dog and LOVE HIM LIKE OUR CHILD! I never understood when people said that until now. He’s the sweetest 7-year-old chocolate lab you will ever meet and that’s not even because I’m bias. Ask anyone!

Speaking of chocolate, it’s my love language (the darker the better), so it’s appropriate that we have a chocolate lab.  I love chocolate and really just food of any kind and that’s where the nutrition side of things comes in. I have always loved food! Our family has always been more of the “live to eat” than the “eat to live” kind, which made for a happy, yet not so healthy, childhood. I was alway a touch overweight. I never suffered from an eating disorder or anything extreme like that, but I was always, always self-conscious and insecure about my body, my size, and what others thought of me because of it. I learned, and am still learning, that food is to be enjoyed, and also nourishing, and that it absolutely can and should be both.

Although I was a dancer and very active throughout my entire youth, I didn’t learn the significance of the food I was putting into my body and how much it wasn’t serving me until my adult years. I have gained a true passion for nourishing with real, whole foods, and I also have such passion for helping people, young women in particular, realize that they are beautiful and loved and worthy regardless of the number on the scale. It’s just as important to nourish our minds and souls in addition to our bodies. I am a Nutritional Therapy Consultant and I absolutely love serving people in this capacity.

My belief is that we should nourish ourselves from the inside out. The more we eat real food and are mindful of what we are putting into our incredible bodies, as well as being active and keeping our bodies moving, it will show on the outside. Yes, it will show on the scale and in our dress size, but more importantly, it will show in our countenances; our skin will be clearer, our moods more joyful, our relationships stronger, our lives brighter, our hearts happier. Let’s learn to love ourselves, inside and out! And to live a life we love.

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