I am Adrienne Biehl – Follower of Jesus Christ, Wife, Mother, Nutritional Therapist, Wannabe World Traveler, Better Beauty Advocate, Dark Chocolate Addict, 9w1 on the Enneagram, Manifesting Generator, and many other things that you’re bound to learn about if you choose to stick around long enough 🙂 

This blog started as Hello Nourished Life, because I believe there are MANY ways that we can live a nourished life, ways that often don’t involve food. It started as a place for me to share recipes, nutrition tips, and really anything health and wellness related. While I’m not seeing nutrition clients at this point in time, I still share things related to wellness, but this has also morphed into a space for me to share about my sweet family and really anything I’m feeling passionate about in the current moment; often that includes things that nourish my soul, not just my body. 

A little background:

I am a 30-something CA transplant living in Utah, married to my sweetheart, and raising our two sweet babies. My husband and I tried, unsuccessfully, for years to start our family. The depths of infertility included a lot of grief but also growth. We eventually decided that rather than fertility treatments, adoption was the path we were meant to pursue. In a crazy sequence of events, we adopted our first baby, Quinley Aizlin Biehl, in December 2018. We thought our hearts were as full as they could possibly be, and that God had answered our prayers tenfold, but He had even bigger plans for us. We adopted our second baby, Callum Jack Biehl, the following May.

Our sweet, perfect babes are 5 months apart and fill our hearts completely. Along with their furry brother, Tank, our first adoptee. 


I love this life I’m living. It definitely has it’s trials, but it fills me up and makes me who I am, and I wouldn’t want to live it any other way. Thanks for being here!