Meet Adrienne

Hi friends, I’m Adrienne!

I’m 28 years young, originally from Northern California, but currently residing in Utah with the love of my life! Some things I love (in no particular order) are my sweet hubby, babies (none of our own little ones yet, but we’re praying they show up sometime soon), my family, Jesus, dark chocolate, listening to peoples’ stories, TJ Maxx, cows (I got it from my Mama), SUNSHINE, learning, Podcasts, traveling to new places, a great book, and all things health and wellness!

I created this space on the internet to share my thoughts on all things wellness and share the golden nuggets I’m learning along the way. I could say my health journey started just last year when I really began a deeper study of nutrition, but that’s not true. It truly began when I was in middle school and started developing insecurities about my weight and the way I looked, comparing myself to the other girls at school, and worrying that I wasn’t “good enough.” I’ve been struggling with my body image and weight ever since.

Although I was a dancer and very active throughout my entire youth, I was never taught the significance of the food I was putting into my body and how much it wasn’t serving me. I am just beginning to really understand the importance of nutrition and how it affects the way I look and feel. I am passionate about nourishing with real, whole foods, but I am also extremely passionate about helping people, young women in particular, understand that they are beautiful and loved and worthy regardless of the number on the scale. It’s important to nourish our souls and our minds in addition to our bodies. I’m currently studying to become a Nutritional Therapy Consultant and I can’t wait to serve people in this capacity!

My belief is that we should nourish ourselves from the inside out. The more we eat real food and are mindful of what we are putting into our incredible bodies, as well as being active and keeping our bodies moving, it will show on the outside. Yes, it will show on the scale and in our dress size, but more importantly, it will show in our countenances; our skin will be clearer, our moods more joyful, our relationships stronger, our lives brighter, our hearts happier. Let’s learn to love ourselves, inside and out! And to live a life we love.

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