Hoping to Adopt!

We adopted both of our children at birth, and they have been the greatest blessings we could have asked for. And we are hoping to grow our family through adoption again and add another sweet little babe to our family! It feels kind of crazy to hope that we could possibly enjoy this blessing again when it’s already happened twice – but here we are hoping! We are open to adopting an infant of any race or gender from anywhere in the U.S. We have really special open adoptions with both of our children’s birth families, they are family to us, and we would love to have an open adoption with our future expectant mother and family as well, if that’s what she wishes.

Here are some introductions to get to know us a little!

Jason is a drummer, board game player, sports lover, Italian speaker, and the ultimate dad-joker. He played drums all through high school and was on the drum line in college at BYU. He loves board games and is especially good at strategy games! His favorite is probably Scrabble. He loves watching sports as well as playing them (especially basketball), and he served a mission for our church in Italy which is where he learned to speak Italian. Jason is such a fun dad! He is a great teacher and so patient, and he definitely gets the fun parent award! He can make Q and C giggle like no one else. For work, Jason is a Product Quality Engineer for a company here in Utah called Homie. He has worked from home for the last 4 years which we all love!

Adrienne absolutely loves being a mom. It’s what she has wanted to do her entire life. And after waiting years to become a mom it’s been the most rewarding and challenging experience she has done in her life. Her babies are her life and she would do anything for them. Outside of motherhood, Adrienne loves a good book, taking hikes, tending to her garden and she’s a proud Marvel nerd. She is passionate about food and nutrition and is often found in the kitchen baking something delicious like chocolate chip cookies or homemade sourdough bread. She went to school to become a nutritionist, but is currently a Stay at Home Mom.

Quinley is 2 and a half and is a force of nature! She isn’t a huge fan of playing with toys but loves any opportunity to help Mom cook or clean or garden, help Callum build a tower, or help Dad in the yard or feeding our dog, Tank. She has a very determined personality and loves to do things that are physical like climbing and swimming. She loves to accomplish a goal of any kind! She also has the sweetest heart of gold. She is so empathetic and is very concerned when someone is sad. She remembers everything, the good and the bad, which can make for very hilarious interactions!

Callum is 2 also. They are 5 months apart. Callum is the sweetest, loviest little human there ever was. He loves anything with wheels and can play on the floor endlessly with his train set or cars and trucks! He is so silly and actually loves to be the center of attention, which is a surprise to us. When he was a baby he wasn’t so sure about all the attention. He is copying everything we say at the moment and it’s the cutest ever (his most recent word was “commentary” and we were cracking up).

Tank is our cute, sweet, lovable chocolate lab! He is 10 and a half years old, but we rescued him when he was 7, so he’s been in our family for 3 and a half years. We love him so much and so do the kiddos! They love to take him on walks and give him treats and they’ve snuggled him on the floor since they were big enough to crawl to him! Tank is so gentle and sweet, we’re very grateful for his presence in our home.

As a family, we love to go on adventures like nature walks in the mountains near our home, hang out in the back yard with Tank and our chickens, bake and eat delicious food, have movie nights in the basement, read books, travel, visit family, and be silly!

Adoption is heart-wrenching. In a perfect world, a child would always be able to stay with their biological family. But when an expectant mother chooses adoption for her child, we believe it can also be beautiful. We can’t speak for our children, as we want them to be able to decide for themselves how they feel about their own adoptions, but for us, adoption has been such a special experience. Of course it’s what made us a family and brought our children to us, but it’s also been really wonderful to see their relationships with their birth parents grow and their bonds strengthen. We will always do our best to make sure our children never ever doubt just how loved and special they are to their birth parents.


If you are an expectant mother considering making an adoption plan for your baby, or if you know someone who might be, please contact us! We would also really appreciate sharing our family’s hopes for adoption with anyone and everyone! Spreading the word is the best way to help us right now! 🙂

Text or call Adrienne at: 209-559-5504

Email: adriennejbiehl@gmail.com

Instagram: @adriennejbiehl

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