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Oh my gosh, I am SO EXCITED about this, you guys! I have been working on this for weeks and weeks and it’s been hard to hold it in, but now it’s here and you can all sign up! And I hope you will!


Okay, this is NOT a diet. This is NOT a detox. No counting or restricting is involved.


It’s just eating real food! It’s about getting back to basics, eating nourishing, whole food from nature and enjoying it. Because real food is the good stuff, we’ve just taught and marketed to that processed “food” is better. I want to help you learn the difference and get to a place where you feel comfortable making dinner at home without packaged pasta or jarred sauces. A place where you can roam aisles of the grocery store and feel confident in the things you take off the shelves because you know how to read the nutrition label, how to avoid the poorer options, and opt for the more nourishing (and more delicious) ones instead.

This 7-Day Summer Reset will be informative, interactive, and FUN! It involves a meal plan, shopping list, pantry guide, community, education, challenges, self-love practices, and most importantly, support! Here’s a little breakdown:

MEAL PLAN – A 7-day meal plan including breakfasts, lunches, and dinners every day for 7 whole days. (There are snacks and treat ideas, they just aren’t included in the meal plan.)

SHOPPING LIST – For your convenience, the shopping list for all the meals is already complete! With check boxes and everything.

PANTRY GUIDE – Like I said, the goal is to learn the difference between real and processed foods, and most (not all) of the processed culprits live in the pantry. So I’ve provided a guide to help you clean-out and restock when you’re ready.

PRIVATE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY – I’m super excited about this part. Community and support is huge when you’re making changes in your life, and this one will be awesome! A safe place where you can receive encouragement and ask questions.

FACEBOOK LIVE – In the Facebook group, I will be going LIVE every day (time TBD) discussing different topics like real food vs processed food, when to treat yourself, why water is important, answering questions from the group, and much more.

DAILY CHALLENGES – These will be small, achievable goals we will all be striving for each day! Doable and fun for whatever stage of health you are currently.

SUPPORT, LOVE, ENCOURAGEMENT, and FUN – This is going to be fun, you guys. It’s the best to do something to push yourself to be better, and have a community to do it with you.

Oh, and you’ll also get fun, free downloads like this to share with and invite your friends!


I want you to make this your own. I want you to have an experience that you ENJOY! Because eating should absolutely be a joyful experience. So if you don’t like a meal that’s on the meal plan, change it! If you aren’t up for the challenge that particular day, do it a different day! I want this to be a positive, empowering experience for you.

My only request is that you stick to real food, and avoid the processed stuff. That’s the point here, to learn the difference, and learn the benefits of real, whole foods.

The Reset begins on Monday, June 11th and goes until Sunday, June 17th. If you choose to sign up, you will receive an information packet including the meal plan, shopping lists, and everything else you will need on Wednesday, June 6th (so you will have time to shop at your convenience), but you will have access to the Facebook group as soon as you sign up! Because why wait to connect with your fellow resetters! So sign up now! What do you have to lose?? Can’t wait to get started with you! 

If you have any questions, comment below or send over an email to hellonourishedlife@gmail.com

I’d love to hear from you!




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