The Perfect Maui Itinerary

Jason and I celebrated 5 years of marriage by taking a magical trip to Hawaii. (Our anniversary is in March, but we took the trip April). We love Hawaii and already want to go back! But instead I’ll just have to write about it for now.

We loved every second of Maui. It was the most relaxing trip (okay maybe Sedona was a tad more relaxing). We honestly didn’t “do” much; we went with the intention to relax, read on the beach, spend quality time together, and enjoy the island vibes (and food). And that we did!

We stayed at an adorable VRBO Condo. The resort was right on the beach. Like literally steps away! And there was the most perfect palm tree that you expect and hope for when you go to Hawaii! We took a walk on the beach together every morning, and spent many of our evenings sitting on the beach watching the breathtaking sunset. All of this is pictured below.

The condo provided everything we could have wanted: beach chairs, umbrella, boogie boards, ice chest, towels, binoculars, even a beach hat. I’m sure I’m missing things. Of course the kitchen was fully stocked with cookware and dishes, which was perfect because we actually did eat many of our meals in. I still dream about our homemade breakfasts (drooling) that we ate on our garden lanai.


Speaking of food, here are the places we ate and would recommend, and also a few we didn’t make it to but were highly recommended by others!

PAIA FISH MARKET I LOVED this place, and if I didn’t want to give other places a chance, I would have gone again. It was so yummy! And pretty quick and very affordable as well. I got fish and chips (I’m not willing to try these unless I’m literally feet from the ocean), and Jason got Shrimp and Chips. Both were so so good. We went to the Lahaina location and loved it.

AUNTY SANDY’S This is on the Road to Hana in Haiku. Everyone we told we were going to Maui told us we had to try the banana bread here. So we did, and it was melt-in-your-mouth delicious! Worth the stop. (I didn’t find a website, just google it.)

COCONUT GLEN’S One person recommended Coconut Glen’s for their coconut milk ice cream (dairy free). I immediately knew we had to find it and stop. It was the cutest hut with DIVINE coconut milk ice cream of a few different flavors including Lilikoi, Wokstar, and Coconut. I got the Lilikoi and Coconut. I already can’t wait to go back! This is also on the Road to Hana.

ULULANI’S SHAVE ICE You can’t go to Hawaii and not get shave ice (or at least we can’t; last time we didn’t and it was a huge regret). I didn’t have anything to compare it to, so maybe my opinion doesn’t matter much, but this was one of the best most worthwhile treats I’ve ever indulged in. It’s not like a snow-cone; it’s so much more than that! Their syrups (most of them) are made from real fruit juices, and the best part is the macadamia nut ice cream inside, and it’s topped with sweetened condensed milk. Convinced yet?

FARMER’S MARKET Or a fruit stand. Not really any specific one, just make sure you go to one. You see them everywhere! We picked up a pineapple, but it was our last day so I didn’t want to get more; otherwise I would have gotten much more! They had more than just fruit too; there were all kinds of locally made food and crafts and such. We got a sweet bracelet for our dog sitter.

We also went to Da Kitchen, which is obviously popular among the locals (it was packed), and it was so tasty. Also, they serve a TON of food for the price! We also tried Pizza Madness Maui (good), and Kihei Caffe (really good). But I didn’t get pictures of any of these places. Take my word for it.

Other places that were highly recommended were Mama’s Fish House, Star Noodle, and The Gazebo Restaurant for breakfast. We didn’t make it to these places. If you go, let us know how you like them!


Obviously the best part of Hawaii is the incredible scenery and acivities. I could not get enough of it. I was on the beach every free second we had (as you should be!).

HO’OKIPA BEACH PARK We just went here on our last day before we went to the airport to kill time, but it was such a good idea! There were so many surfers and it was a beautiful view; a perfect way to end our trip.

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