Denver, CO

We spent the weekend in Denver attending my in-person workshop for my training to through the Nutritional Therapy Association to become an NTC (Nutritional Therapy Consultant). It was an exciting, growth-filled, exhausting, drinking-from-a-firehouse type of weekend, but I literally loved every second (except maybe the drive home).

It was my first trip to Denver, and I’ll be honest, I had high expectations! I’ve heard people rave about that city and I didn’t want to be let down. Because I was in class the majority of the weekend we didn’t have a ton of time to explore, but we did get to go a few places (mostly restaurants, but do you blame me?!).  I am a sucker for a pretty view and environment is everything to me. And if you’ve been to Denver, you probably know that I was not disappointed. The scenery was breathtaking! Especially on the drive in. It was so green and mountain-y! Then when we got into the city, I was taken by it’s charm. There were endless cute little homes and streets lined with beautiful trees and shrubbery.

One evening we went to City Park, which is right next to the Denver Zoo, to relax and take a walk and the sunset, along with the reflection on the pond, took my breath away. There was a wedding reception nearby and I made Jason dance with me in the grass 😉 He loved every second, I’m sure! haha…




Knowing I love food, I’m sure you’re not surprised I loved the food scene in Denver. My only complaint is that I couldn’t try more places. We did get to try a few, and I would recommend them to anyone!

Park Burger This was our first meal for the weekend and it hit the spot. We both opted for a burger over a bed of greens instead of a bun, although they do offer a gluten free option as well. They provide the highest quality, freshest ingredients and have won multiple burger awards for their area over the years. And I can see why. Denver Park Burger

Avanti This was a fun experience. It’s known as a collective eatery, or a food hall style. It’s in sort of a shipping house in a cute neighborhood, and packed with people who are obviously huge fans of the place. They offer 7 different culinary (and fairly healthy) options. It’s great for a group because everyone can choose what they want and grab a seat together wherever you can find one. I recommend the balcony upstairs, because come on…look at that view!

Denver Avanti

Modern Market This farm fresh eatery was the last place we tried before we headed home and I loved it so much. They offer extremely nutritious options and are super allergy-friendly and willingly customize whatever you ask them to, hassle free. I tried the Lemongrass Pork Bowl and Jason had the Pork Homestyle Plate. They have an option for everyone. I wish we had a Modern Market here in Utah. We don’t, but there are lots of locations in lots of states including Colorado, Texas, Maryland, Arizona, and Washington D.C.! Try it if you have the chance.

Denver Modern Market

We did also eat at Chipotle, which deserves a serious honorable mention/pat on the back. If you’re looking for a healthier option while on the road, Chipotle is a great choice and is almost everywhere. It’s our go-to!

We didn’t have time to try many of the places I would have loved to, but if you’re in Denver, go to the following restaurants and please give me details 😉

True Food Kitchen

Just BE Kitchen

Root Down


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