Sedona Get-A-Way


Jason and I had the opportunity to enjoy a two-night stay at Sun Cliff Resort located in Sedona, Arizona, and our only complaint is that we couldn’t stay longer! The moment we walked into the casita we knew we were going to love it there. I had seen pictures and poured over the website leading up to our trip, but when I saw that view in person, it literally took my breath away. I honestly feel there can’t be a better view in all of Sedona. Not only is it the most gorgeous view, but to enjoy it from such a luxury resort was truly magical. We had plans to do multiple hikes but quickly canceled all but one short one, as we wanted to soak up as much time as we possibly could enjoying the casita and all it’s amenities.

We soaked in the hot tub while sipping sparkling cider provided by Sun Cliff, (Kate and Tom were aware that we aren’t wine drinkers), enjoying the incredible view. We spent much of our days lounging on the spacious and beautiful private patio also enjoying the view (I could not get enough of it). We chose to prepare food ourselves in the beautiful kitchen, filled with all the necessary utensils and dishes we needed, and dine in for dinner which was absolutely the best choice we could have made.

I have to say one of my very favorite amenities was the luxury bathroom. Complete with heated floors, towel warming rack, cozy robes and slippers, fresh flowers, and a steam shower with essential oils, I truly felt like a queen.

After a busy and somewhat stressful few months in our own lives, this was exactly the retreat we both needed. It was the perfect setting for us to spend uninterrupted time together as husband and wife, celebrating four beautiful years of marriage. Kate and Tom provided lovely red roses and a sweet card, as they knew we were celebrating. I loved all the simple, yet extremely thoughtful touches to the casita that created a magical experience. We both left feeling sad to leave the casita, but fully rejuvenated and at complete ease. We had never felt so well-rested and relaxed. The two days we spent at Sun Cliff were memorable beyond measure and we will absolutely be back, sooner rather than later.

Sedona 13

To relate this to health and wellness, just take a look at that last paragraph. I honestly believe there isn’t much that could be better for your health than something such as this to just wash all the worry and stress away! For me, a vacation is exactly what helps me. There is a difference between a trip and a vacation, and THIS was a true vacation. No agenda to follow, no itinerary or places to be. My only responsibilities were to relax and enjoy that incredible view. I highly recommend it.

If this is something you need in your life, contact Kate at Sun Cliff to book your stay. I promise you won’t regret it.

Here are a few more photos from our stay, but to see more, visit the Sun Cliff Website or my Instagram!


What have been your favorite vacation places??


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