San Francisco: Pacific Heights

I. Love. Traveling. I just love the feeling of adventure and a clean slate that being in a new city or environment provides.

San Fransisco happens to be one of my favorite cities in the world. I have so many fond memories from my childhood that happened there. I grew up just a couple of hours from this beautiful city, so we frequented it for field trips, with my family to go to Pier 39, Union Square at Christmas time, and just roaming the streets with my parents, then friends when I got older, shopping, eating yummy food, and putting our toes in the ocean. Then when I was in college my dad got sick, and I was there with him for months on end, so I got to know the city even better. And fell even more in love, despite the circumstances.

Well recently I spent more time there for another hospital visit for my dad (he’s doing very well now, don’t worry), so I thought I’d throw together a few of my favorite spots and eats, mostly from the Pacific Heights area.


Jane on Fillmore Oh if I could go back her RIGHT NOW, I would. I had the GF Banana Bread and it was DIVINE! If I went back, I would try one of the green smoothies or teas.


Sift Bakery I went here with my mom, sisters, and brother and it was SO CUTE! I don’t think they had any gluten free options at the time (maybe they do now). BUT they did win Cupcake Wars! So definitely worth the stop. We had some macarons (pictured below) and I think we tried some truffles too.



Dino and Santino’s Pizza We’re a pizza-loving family and so how could I not include a pizza place in the mix. This place was a go-to the many times my dad was in the hospital. It was right down the street, so super convenient, and also just soooo good. The environment is really fun too. It’s family owned and the owner is super kind and funny and goes around and sits at all the tables and chats for a few minutes. They do have gluten free options.

Souvla I have yet to actually try Souvla, but next time I’m in town I absolutely will. All of their meat is sustainable and locally sourced. The menu looks divine, check it out.


Baker Beach We absolutely love Baker Beach. We’ve gone there ever since I can remember. It has a perfect view of the Golden Gate. (I can’t find any of my pictures of me and Jason, so here’s my brother and sister. Haha, aren’t they cute? And thanks for the pictures Mom 😉 )


Lafayette Park  Also close to my stomping grounds, aka the hospital, Lafayette Park was the perfect escape when I needed fresh air. I came here often to just sit on a bench or in the grass to read a book. It’s a gorgeous park with even better views!! If you have kids or a dog, or even if you don’t and just want a nice beautiful walking path, go here.


Pier 39 This one may seem obvious, but if you’re a newbie to SF, it’s a must! You have to experience Pier 39. They have all the food you could imagine. Get a chowder bread bowl at Boudin’s, Shrimp at Bubba Gump’s, or go to one of the many seafood restaurants. You’ll also be enticed by the candy store, doughnut stands, and ice cream shops too… Or you could just go down to Ghirardelli Square and get the good stuff 😉  In addition to food, there’s always entertainment, there’s the sea lions, a carousel, and tons of souvenir shops. I’ve be remiss if I didn’t mention Pier 39.

Don’t worry – more to come on SF!


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