5 Podcasts to Inspire You

Happy Monday, friends!

Sometimes Mondays can be rough, am I right? Sundays are my favorite day as it’s spent worshiping, resting and recuperating, and enjoying time with loved ones, so it can be hard to go to bed knowing there’s another full week ahead of me! I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

Something that helps me is to find a few things every week to look forward to and get excited about. One of those things is podcasts! Many people have a show or series they love, and they look forward to binging on Netflix. Not that I’m judging, I for sure have those days myself! There’s definitely a time and a place for a good Netflix binge. But a podcast binge is a much healthier and beneficial binge, in my humble opinion 😉 The time for a podcast is always!

I have a few that I consistently follow and anxiously await the next episode every week! They are so inspiring and get me thinking (and learning) in ways I never considered. There are a bajillion different styles and topics and options. Sometimes I find one, listen to a few episodes, then move on. I’ve learned all I need from that one. Then there are others, the ones I know I’ll be listening to until pretty much forever. Some of these podcasts are even what set me on my path to a career in nutrition in the first place. If you’re not a podcaster, I hope to change that with this blog post. Please join the club!

I’m here to share a few of my favorites with you. I hope you enjoy!

  1. Fed + Fit with Cassy Joy What I love most about this podcast is the host, Cassy Joy. She exudes just that – JOY! Her laughter and optimism is infectious and you can just tell how absolutely REAL she is. She covers topics on nutrition and having a healthy mindset. One of my favorite things that she does is reverse interviews, where she invites a listener on her show to interview her with their questions on health and nutrition. Episodes are short and sweet at only 30 minutes, and they air every Monday. Fedandfit
  2. Balanced Bites This podcast is hosted by Diane Sanfilippo and Liz Wolfe (they actually host the Balanced Bites Master Class that I am currently enrolled in). This podcast has been going strong for 5 years; they have over 250 episodes about everything related to real food nutrition. They have a focus on Paleo living, and what I love about them is how bold and blunt they are. Which isn’t for everyone, but I enjoy it. These episodes air every Thursday. BBpodcast
  3. Awesome! with Alison Everything I love about this podcast basically surrounds the fact that Alison is her true self through and through, there’s no doubt about it. Her “ONLY goal is to help you feel more awesome each time you listen,” and I am here to tell you she succeeds. She’s honest, hilarious, and inspiring. This podcast has nothing to do with nutrition or food, but everything to do with motivating you and making you a better, more awesome person. Her podcast is fairly new with just 11 or 12 episodes, and I’m not 100% sure if she has a consistent airing schedule yet. Awesome with Alison
  4. Colorful Eats This podcast, which was originally titled The Nourishing Buzz, was the first one I ever listened to. I tuned in around episode 45 and binge listened to every single one prior to that until I heard them all. And now I love the new podcast with the new/current hosts, Caroline Potter and Justine Campbell. They’re sweet, genuine, and relatable. They share all things nutrition, wellness, and healthy living, from food to skincare to home products. I just love them and they will always be a favorite of mine. New episodes air every Monday (another reason to love MONDAYS!) Colorful eats podcast
  5. Goal Digger – The Podcast Okay friends…If you only listen to one of these podcasts, let it be this one. PLEASE! The host is Jenna Kutcher, who I’ve mentioned in some of my previous posts as well. Jenna’s podcast is a “live-workshop style business podcast for creative girl bosses, so you can train from the experts how to dig in, do the work, and tackle your biggest goals along the way.” (She says it better than I ever could.) Even if you’re not a business woman, Jenna is a girl-boss you want in your circle. In addition, she is always interviewing the most inspiring women, and even if you don’t have goals, after you listen, you will be inspired to set some and RUN towards them! All while feeling amazing about yourself in the process. I’m just a huge Jenna fan right now. The BEST part is she airs new episodes every Monday AND Wednesday! Which means I never have to wait an entire week to hear a new one 😉 Goal Digger Podcast

Don’t know how to listen to Podcasts? Don’t worry, I’ll help…

It’s really super easy. If you have iOS (iPhone) then your phone COMES equipped with the podcast app already (you’ve just probably been ignoring it like I did for like 2 years..it’s the purple one). You can also listen for free from iTunes or the app Stitcher.

If you have Android, you can use Stitcher, as well as multiple other Podcast apps. Search them in the app store and just decide which one you like best.

I used to have an iPhone and now have the Google Pixel, so I’m familiar with both iOS and Android and both have worked great. I currently use the app Podcast Addict (fitting).

Now go and download these podcasts and binge away – you’ll thank me later.

What are your favorite podcasts?? Let me know in the comments!

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