Sugar Detox Update and A Little Encouragement

It’s officially week 4 of my sugar detox. (Feel free to congratulate me, I feel I deserve it;). In addition to sugar detoxing, I’ve also been staying away from gluten. AND I started a new workout plan by Kayla Itsines called BBG, of which I’m on week 3 of 12.

I stepped on the scale at the beginning of my sugar detox, not because weight loss was my ultimate goal, but because I wanted to track it anyway, as I knew it would be a perk. So last week (beginning of week 3), I woke up and stepped on the scale, just as I had at the beginning. Same day of the week, same time of day, same everything. No change.

Actually that’s a lie. I had lost one pound…

One whopping pound! After all that work?! No sugar or gluten, managing carbs, working my BOOTY off trying to get enough protein and not too much fat, but not too little either. Never missing a workout! Declining pizza and cookies and treats of all kinds! And ONLY ONE POUND?! How is this possible? Needless to say, I was feeling a little down. Like I said, weight loss wasn’t my goal, but it sure was going to be a perk (and obviously more important to me than I was conscious of).

Going about the rest of that day, I had a little bit of a negative attitude. We were going to help our friends paint their new house that evening and there would be pizza. I found myself saying to Jason, “I might as well eat it, everything I’m doing isn’t working anyway!” My smart and incredibly sweet husband comforted me, encouraged me, and kindly reminded me of “The Compound Effect.”

If you haven’t read The Compound Effect, I highly recommend it. I haven’t finished it yet, but I’m learning a ton. The premise behind The Compound Effect is “slow and steady wins the race.” Darren Hardy basically outlines how to gain success and achieve your goals (in any aspect of life) by building small, healthy habits over time. Consistency. Here’s a quote from his book applicable to my situation:

The Compound Effect is the principle of reaping huge rewards from a series of small, smart choices. What’s most interesting about this process to me is that, even though the results are massive, the steps, in the moment, don’t feel significant (eating pizza, passing on a cookie, exercising, in my case). Whether you’re using this strategy for improving your health, relationships, finances, or anything else for that matter, the changes are so subtle, they’re almost imperceptible. . . these small seemingly insignificant steps completed consistently over time will create a radical difference.” – Darren Hardy

So I grudgingly decided against eating any pizza (I couldn’t let down everyone I committed to, after all). I had a small snack before we left. Then later that evening we went to Chipotle to get dinner and help me from feeling so left out (pity party), which made my tummy and my mood very happy.

What I realized though, after being grumpy most of the day then thinking long and hard about why I was upset, is that it doesn’t matter what the scale says. Isn’t that the whole reason I started this blog? (It is, in case you were wondering.)
I am making a conscious, INCREDIBLE effort to take care of my body. And you know what? It’s working!

I feel amazing. I have a routine every morning that sets me up for success throughout the day. I exercise and can feel my body getting stronger. I am eating nutrient dense foods that my body is thanking me for. I’m getting enough sleep, and really good quality sleep! I’m taking supplements to help in other ways that I feel are important. My skin is clearing up. I’m making choices, hard ones, that are helping me practice self-control and self-mastery, and I’m seeing the benefits of that. Because of all of this, I have energy every day. I’m reaching for, and accomplishing, so many goals! I feel empowered and capable of so many things. I’m happy. So happy. And it doesn’t matter at all what that number on the scale says. It doesn’t define me.

Progress not perfection

It’s about progress, not perfection. Even though I’m not seeing my ideal number on the scale, I can still feel incredible and healthy and make choices that serve me and create a better life. Because in the end, it doesn’t even matter what size I am.  What matters is that I’m healthy. I’m taking action to stay that way, and even become healthier every day. Healthy so I can build and strengthen relationships. Grow our family. Create memories. Serve others. Set and achieve goals. Be present.

If you are struggling with staying motivated because you don’t feel like you’re getting closer to your physical goals, I hope this gives you encouragement. Know that you are doing awesome! This is tough, but it’s worth it! Try taking a look at your life from a different perspective and see what you can find. See how you’re benefiting in other ways from these lifestyle changes. There will be hard days, and that’s okay. But remember why you’re doing this and making the sacrifices that you are. And not just that you want to be thin. It needs to be more than that. Because YOU are more than your body. Because YOU are worth it.

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5 thoughts on “Sugar Detox Update and A Little Encouragement

  1. You are an amazing person. As someone who is going through the same thing this is so encouraging. I’m on week 6 of working out and struggling on week 2 of eating healthier. I stepped on the scale the other day and only saw a 5 pound difference. I was so discouraged I gave in and started eating what I did before. I’m back on track again and determined to do better this time. Thank you for reminding me that it’s the small steps in life that matter the most 🙂

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