Gluten Free Valentine Shortbread Cookies


I love baking. It’s been something I’ve always loved. We moved a lot growing up, and often the first thing I did when we got moved in was bake cookies to make the house smell nice and homey. I’ve even carried that on in our married life. Literally the day we moved into our current place, I baked cookies!

Although I’m transitioning to a healthier lifestyle, I still want to be able to enjoy baking, and also enjoy the yummy treats that comes from it! So I’m experimenting with different “healthier” options. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I wanted to bring a fun treat to some friends (and of course Jason loves treats as well, so he doesn’t mind:).

I love that these cookies have such a short list of real ingredients (coconut flour, butter, vanilla extract, maple syrup (pure), and chocolate chips if you choose to do the chocolate drizzle (which I recommend!).

They were definitely super cute! I think the flavor was great as well. With the chocolate drizzle, it made them just sweet enough and not over bearing. They were a little drier (more dry?) than I’d have liked, but I’m learning that coconut flour has that affect, as it’s so much more absorbent than other flours. Still figuring out exactly how to best use coconut flour.

I was out of vanilla extract, so I substituted some honey. I also doubled the recipe. A risk I was willing to take for this new-to-me recipe! Overall, I think I’ll try them again! Maybe trying a few tweaks of my own next time. You can find the recipe and try these cookies at Paleo Hacks.



Valentine’s Day is TOMORROW! I hope you enjoy your day of love!!

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