How to Start Loving Yourself



I heard this quote at church on Sunday and it rung SO true to me. I feel like it embodies my whole outlook on body image, nutrition, health and wellness all in one sentence. *(If you would like more information on what I believe, you can find that here or ask me any questions you might have.)

The part I want to focus on is how he says when we take care of our bodies…we can “be confident and happy.” This doesn’t say we can be “thin and exactly the weight we want with perfectly tanned skin and beautiful hair and a manicure.” It says that when we eat foods that nourish us and when we exercise and get enough sleep, we will have happiness and we will feel good in our own skin. Confident. I just love this.

Something that I’m very passionate about is loving who we are on the inside, and also loving the way we look on the outside regardless of the number on the scale or our dress size. We all have different, unique, and beautiful bodies, and that’s wonderful! Once we realize that our bodies are incredible gifts which are capable of incredible things, we will want to nourish them. 


The first step is loving where we are now. But I also believe we should be reaching for the highest level of health we are capable of. This is a lifelong process in my opinion. Just as the quote states, “our emotional, physical, and spiritual sides are all linked together.” When we take care of our bodies, our emotions are more in check. We’re happier. When we’re taking care of our bodies and are happy, we can have a deeper spiritual connection with our Higher Power, whatever or whoever that may be for you. We are beautiful and great just the way we are. Our bodies are beautiful and they are capable of so many incredible things. So let’s take care of ourselves because we love ourselves, not so that we can love ourselves.


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