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blog-ppineI am so excited for this new adventure of mine and sharing everything I’m learning here at Hello Nourished Life! On this blog, I am going to be as honest and vulnerable as possible, because I’m slowly learning that even though that’s where we’re most likely to feel embarrassment and humiliation, that’s also when we have the most opportunities for joy and growth and success.

My health, my weight, my body image, nutrition, all of these things have been an ongoing journey for me ever since I can remember. I have never been completely comfortable in my own skin. I always remember comparing myself to the girls at school, feeling like I wasn’t pretty enough, skinny enough, smart enough, etc. I’m sure many of you can relate. (Although I hope you don’t.) I grew up very active, I was a dancer. But I never had the typical “dancer’s body.” I didn’t eat nutritious food. We were a busy family and we ate out a lot. When my mom made dinner, it was always DELICIOUS (she’s an amazing cook), but not always the healthiest. But what did I know? Nothing, basically. I knew I should be making changes if I wanted to change the way I looked and felt, but I never did more than think about it.

Finally after getting married, I decided I had a little more control over what food I had in the house and started getting a little more…educated. I ambitiously did a Whole30. I had NEVER felt so good! I was a changed woman! Or so I thought. It wasn’t that easy. I didn’t completely change my lifestyle, but the seed was planted. I eventually incorporated more clean eating habits into our life and was learning, slowly, and my curiosity was growing.

I started becoming passionate about body image and learning to love myself no matter what size or shape I was. And I wanted to share that with other girls and women. So I was always searching for quotes and inspiring stories and looking for books, articles, anything to read on the topic. I eventually came to realize that loving yourself on the outside has a LOT to do with loving yourself on the inside. What a novel idea that if you treat your body with respect and love, and care for and nurture it the way it needs, you will love it! WHY had no one taught me this?!

So last year, with my new body image/nutrition/love yourself mindset, I became OBSESSED with Podcasts (where have I been??). I stumbled upon one that is now known as the Colorful Eats podcast, which led me to the Balanced Bites podcast. Fast forward to today. I have learned an incredible amount about nutrition, health, and overall wellness and my mindset has been completely changed. I believe wholeheartedly that real food is what our bodies need, and that by consuming it and moving and nourishing our bodies, we will come to LOVE them, regardless of the number on the scale.

Although I’ve learned a lot, I don’t know nearly enough. I’m still such a newbie amateur with it all. So now I’m enrolled in the 10-week Balanced Bites Master Class to help me gain a more solid foundational education in nutrition and help me decide if this is a career path I want to take.

I am SO excited about this new adventure and I hope you will support me and maybe learn something with me along the way! Thanks for stopping by! Want to learn more about the class? Come find out!

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